How to prolong cone crusher liners span life?

The cone crusher equipment usually operates by having the stone fed into the top portion of the chamber in your crusher equipment. This chamber is then lined with the wear parts which as bowl and mantle liners. Though the coked chamber and the stone drop, crushing is processed when the mantle motion causes the abrasive and compressive forces to act upon the bowl and stone liner which causes the stone to break. Such liners are actually made from the manganese steel material instead of the normal steel because this particular type of steel content gives you the great protection against the abrasion.

In the current economic status, cost base is the main factor in successfully managing any kind of business and the wear prices related to the cone crushers might be the major cost centre. Here, you can learn how to reduce the wear prices by hard facing the crusher liners. In the quarrying industry, it is not the new concept but the process has been great in the recent years and will work well in the best applications.

Use of liners in cone crusher:

According to the stone being crushed, the manganese percentage in the liners will vary from about 12 to 23 %. During the selection of this liner, you should have to take some additional care because the insufficient manganese would not protect the liner in the cone crusher.

At the same time, the too much manganese material in the liner will result in the weakness in your liner and case failure & cracking in the production. This is why everyone has to take some extra care in selecting the most appropriate percentage of manganese steel in the liner of your cone crusher. With the regular use of the manganese steel crystal structure changes, it becomes denser. It happens when the stone which is going to be crushed is force against the cone crusher liner and then cause it to work harden. If it is the green manganese, it starts off at around 250 Brinell or 25 Rockwell that will achieve approximately the hardness of 660 Brinell or 60 Rockwell after the particular period of work hardening.

Important factors to be considered:

There are different types of cone crusher liners available to select from. They include coarse, medium, and fine liners. Whether you are choosing any type of this liner for your cone crusher, you have to consider the following important factors in order to increase its life span. They include,

Health & Safety implications

Most of the cone crusher equipments, rough cast manganese liners are commonly fitted to the assembly portion of the head and curved in using the epoxy material which is generally known as the crusher backing. Silica content of the stone which is being crushed is the most general source of wear. The resulting wear prices can be considerable as the new cranes, liners, fitters, and also related downtime are probably involved.


During the starting period of the work hardening in order to prevent the liner wear, CrusherParts you have to hire the specialist contractor who can coat the cone crusher liner with the highly protective surface. It is crucial to carefully handle this particular process because the manganese liners will distort or/and shrink during the process which causes the poor fit in the cone crusher. The liners should be treated well for getting the best results.

Cost implications

The exposure to the backing compound was crucially also decreased as just the change of cone crusher liner was needed per year instead of four.

Restrictions to use

In a few applications, mostly with the cone crusher with short head, it is not actually possible to use the hard facing as the opening hole on the crusher is just more than enough to allow the entry of the 100 mm stone. It can sometimes be compensated for by the entry portion of the crusher closed side setting to make your inlet widen but it is not possible at all the times.

Ancillary applications

The trays of the crusher feed were also fabricated with 6mm of chrome carbide hard facing material and they have been discovered to be almost wear free. On the shaft applications, the material of hard facing didn’t prove very effective over the total chute length. By this way, the life of the liner will be increased with so much of benefits.