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Listening to that, Tsumugi appears to carry herself back from consuming doughnuts; Kotori decides doughnuts shall be their subsequent cooking enterprise. The primary batch fails because the oil is too scorching; how do they handle getting things proper with the second batch and producing delicious doughnuts? Nonetheless, on Halloween night in 2003, Michael arrives at Smith’s Grove, murdering his approach means the staff to get to Lindsey. In 2003, the first 104 episodes and the primary six motion pictures were licensed by Funimation for distribution in North America underneath the title Case Closed due to authorized considerations. Still, Kōhei needs to do one thing for Tsumugi, so he asks her what meals her mom used to make that she’d like to eat again.

Kōhei hears about the other parents making new bags for their children and presents to make Tsumugi a Mob Psycho 100 Merch brand new one; however, she declines, looking to maintain the pouch her mother made for her. After the two calm and apologies to one another, Kotori, having inadvertently burnt some rice, uses what’s left to make gohei mochi. The group decides to make gyoza; having received an invite for the get-together from Tsumugi, Yagi reveals up, proving to be more than capable within the kitchen. Coming across his spouse Tae’s outdated recipe guide, Kōhei chooses her dry curry recipe as the dish they make with Kotori. After dropping Tsumugi off at a kindergarten sleepover, Kōhei recalls the at-residence curry his household used to make.

While having fun with the curry they cooked, Kōhei and Tsumugi are both reminded of their memories with Tae. Tsumugi asks for a squid stew, so Kōhei and Kotori cook it together. While ready for the dough to rise, Kōhei and Tsumugi spend time collectively, and Kotori bonds with Kōhei. Though Tsumugi avoids crying her full time, she throws a tantrum when Kōhei scolds her for leaving home without telling anybody. When Kōhei comes down with a fever, Tsumugi leaves the house on her own and goes on a journey, going through all kinds of imaginary perils as she makes her technique to Kotori’s restaurant. Kōhei later sews a lovely patch to cover the stain on Mitsurugi’s bag, and Tsumugi says its one thing her mother and father made together.